Three’s a Crowd By Jainine T

When my husband told me that he had paid for us to have renovations done to the extension on the back of our home, I had mixed feelings about it. One the one hand, I knew that the work was in dire need of doing, the damp was coming through in the winter and it needed shoring up before it got too bad. Yet at the same time, the thought of having dirty, smelly workmen in the back yard was far from an appealing thought. The hours between dropping my daughters off at high school and picking them back up again is the only time that I get to myself, and the majority of that is taken up by housework.

The last thing I needed was to have to spend my precious time making drinks for the men my husband had hired while they worked. Besides which I was far from excited by the attention that their presence in the house was no doubt going to bring me. Don’t get me wrong.

I am not saying that I am a model or some ageless beauty. However despite the fact that I am nearing my fortieth birthday my figure is in relatively good condition, my 38DD breasts are still full and heavy and my features, framed by my long black hair and glasses is that of a woman at least ten years younger.
I guess I just have good genes.
My husband has always talked about how hot he still finds me and is constantly telling me how turned on he gets by other men checking me out but I just get embarrassed by the whole affair. A couple of occasions while we have been making love my husband has talked about the possibility of getting another man to join us, telling me how much I would like to be on the receiving end of two men, trapped between them but as much as I had played along, the thought had done nothing for me at all. The truth is that at school, my looks were not what they grew to be in later life and so I have none of the confidence that people assume I have. So the thought of random strangers, most notably fat sweaty middle-aged workmen who think they have the charm of George Clooney and the looks of Brad Pitt giving me what they think is compliments, only left me feeling cold.

My stress at the situation was only made worse when my husband told me just a week before the work was due to begin that he would be heading away to Washington for a convention the day before the workmen would arrive at our home.
The next six days were spent in a blind panic as I imagined the worst and on the Monday, I kissed my husband goodbye, dreading the following day and the arrival of the work crew. However, I was more than a little surprised as I pulled up in my driveway the following morning after dropping my daughters off at school, to find two muscled young men, one black and one white, both with chiselled good looks sitting on the hood of a pick-up truck outside my home. Thinking that perhaps they had the wrong house, I got out of my SUV and headed for my front door, only to pause as a friendly voice called out, “Mrs Walsh?” “Yes” I smiled politely, trying not to stare as the two handsome young men made their way up the driveway towards me, the taller of them, the white guy holding a clipboard in his hands. He nodded as they reached me, both of them dwarfing my five feet two inch height by nearly a foot, their shoulders broad. Forcing myself to concentrate, I focused on the smiling young man with the clipboard, suddenly aware that he was talking to me, “…name is Dale and this is Carl. We are here to do the work on your extension. I just want you to know that we have done quite a bit of this type of work lately and we will do our best to get it done and be out of your hair as quickly as we can”

“Thank you” I smiled at them, surprised not only by their appearances but also by their polite manner and friendliness. “Not a problem, we are here to help Ma’am” he smiled and with that, they were both heading back to their truck to get their tools and equipment, leaving me once again doing my best not to stare at their firm backsides in their old blue denim jeans.

An hour later, already weary from the never-ending housework that a husband and twin teenage daughters seemed to supply, I headed into my kitchen to make myself a cool drink only to freeze in shock as I stared through my window at the two men. Out in the summer sun, the two men were hard at work, their shirts hanging upon her fence, as they cut wooden timbers to use in their repairs. Blinking, swallowing hard, I stood there in silence, my eyes travelling over their rippling pecs, down over their hard abs and then lower, my mouth going dry as I saw the sizable bulges in their jeans. Head spinning, breath having left my body, I spun away and closed my eyes, trying to calm down. What was I thinking? Neither of them looked older than twenty- five which would make them at best, fifteen years my junior.

I was a married woman and even if I wasn’t neither of the young men would be interested in me! Realising what I was thinking, I shook my head, cursed myself for a fool and headed back to the housework that awaited me upstairs and when finished probably reach for my rabbit toy I bought from my local sex shop. Heading along the landing, I entered the upstairs of the extension that the men were working on, intending to collect the old curtains and wash them, only to freeze as I heard their voice through the open window. “How old do you think she is?” the deep bass voice of the black man, Carl, drifted up to me where I stood listening in silence. “Maybe twenty-nine…thirty at the most!”
I couldn’t help but smile at the compliment he had unknowingly paid me but then I was gaping in shock as Carl spoke again.

“She’s got great tits…and that arse in those tight jeans…damn!” “Truth” Dale agreed, “I’d hit that like a prize-fighter!”
There was a chuckle from each of them and then I was hurrying away through the house, my mind racing as I sat on the edge of my bed, aware of the warm damp patch in my knickers.

On impulse, I rose and shut the door, removing my jeans as I laid back and slipped a hand into my underwear, pushing a finger inside myself for the first time ever in my entire life. Closing my eyes, I groaned as I imagined the fingers of Dale replacing mine while I took the cock of Carl in my mouth, the thought of being with a black guy for the first time ever pushing me over the brink as I came hard, my vision wavering slightly. For what seemed an eternity, I laid there shaking, my body sheathed in sweat, wondering what had come over me.

After having a hasty shower in my en-suite room, I had begun to dress again, only to pause as I was about to place my bra on. Should I? Could I? Would I?

On impulse, I had left it off, pulling on one of my tighter tee shirts that supported my breasts but left my nipples uncovered. Then I had taken a deep breath and headed out to the two young men, smiling pleasantly, “So can I get you anything?”

The two young men turned to face me, placing their tools down on their workbench and I felt my heart skip as I saw their eyes drop to my already hard nipples. They exchanged quick glances and then Dale smiled, “What do you have on offer?”

I smiled innocently, trying to keep calm as I held Dale’s gaze, “You both look like you could do with something wet”
He nodded, a look coming over him, “Yeah, I think we could” Panicking, I turned and headed back to my home, calling back to them both, “I will fetch you something from the house” Heart hammering, I entered the shade of the kitchen and leaned heavily, against the worktop, my body shaking as I recalled how they had both looked at me with raw animal lust on their faces. I glanced up as a shadow fell across me, my breath catching in my throat as I saw Dale in the doorway, smiling as he met my gaze, “Are you OK, Mrs Walsh?”

“I’m fine…just a bit giddy” I nodded, trying to stand on shaky legs and he stepped in to stop me falling, his hands fastening to my hips, his bare muscled chest pressing against my breasts.
I flinched as he reached around my waist with a hand, his fingers stroking my back as he stared into my eyes, “OK now?”

“Sure” I nodded, my voice shaking slightly, “I will be fine” “So?” he smiled.
“So?” I asked, frowning slightly, only to gasp as the fingers of

the hand not stroking my back reached down to press against the crotch of my jeans, “You promised us something wet”
“Oh God” I groaned and he chuckled, removing his hand from my back to reach up between us and squeeze one and then the other of my breasts, while the hand at my groin began to unfasten the buttons there. Cursing in frustration, he released my breasts and went to work on my trousers with both hands, wrenching them wide open and dragging them down my thighs. An almost pitiful moan escaped me as he tore down my panties and then slid two thick fingers between my open legs, pushing between my wet pussy lips and he chuckled, “You like that?” “Oh God yes” I moaned, my words smothered as he leaned forwards and kissed me passionately, his tongue seeking mine. Mind racing, I stood there shaking as he fucked me with his fingers, clinging to him as he kissed me with a feral hunger.

He broke apart from me suddenly, lifting me into his arms and carrying me out of the kitchen, up the stairs into my bedroom. With an almost effortless toss, he threw me down upon the bed and stood there grinning down at me as I stared back up at him, unable to believe that I was actually going to let him fuck me. But then my mind tilted and my pussy got even wetter as Carl appeared in the doorway and moved to stand beside Dale.

Two men…oh my God!

Two men!

Sitting up on the edge of the bed, I reached down and dragged my tee shirt off over my head, trembling as I heard the mutters of approval from the young men as my large breasts swung free. Wriggling my jeans and panties off my legs, I cast them aside and watched with awe as Dale and Carl stepped closer, both of them unfastening their jeans and dragging them down and off. Unable to control myself, I groaned with excitement as they straightened before me, their two hard cocks before my face. Without hesitating, I reached out, wrapping a hand about each, trembling as I felt the heat of their flesh. Licking my lips, I began to stroke them, studying intently them as I did so having only ever seen my husband’s cock before. Dale’s was bigger than my husband’s by a good three inches, his cock appearing to be eight inches in length and fat, yet the chocolate coloured cock of Carl was at least an inch longer and as thick as my wrist, my fingers far from meeting around his thick meaty girth.
On impulse, I leaned forwards, lowering my mouth over the end of Dale’s cock, my lips wrapping about his shaft as I slid my lips, while Carl knelt beside me, his hands lifting and squeezing my breasts as he nodded, “Damn, these are some big titties!”
With a grunt, Dale pulled his cock from my mouth and pushed me back on the bed, lifting my legs high and wide as he pushed his cock into my wet pussy, bracing his weight on his arms. Grunting in ecstasy, my mind reeling as he filled me more than I had ever been, I lay back and turned my head to the side.

I gasped as something large pressed against my mouth and forcing myself to focus, I found Carl kneeling by my head, his enormous cock pushing against my lips as he reached down and twisted a nipple, “Mmmm…open that pretty little mouth for me” I did as told, moaning as he pushed his cock into my mouth. Above me, Dale went crazy, thrusting his hips as he fucked me like a machine, “Damn, this pussy is so fucking tight…you like this you big titted bitch?”
I moaned around the meat in my mouth, reams of saliva coating the big cock of Carl as I tried to suck it as best as I could.
Time lost all meaning for me until suddenly Carl grunted, taking control, “Move over man, give me a shot at that pussy”
Without arguing, Dale pulled out of me and grinning, Carl moved between my legs, that big cock in his hands, the shaft dripping with my saliva, “You want this baby?”
“Oh yes” I moaned, through shameful eyes, “Oh God yes” “Beg me”
“Please” I nearly sobbed, gasping as he took his weight on his arms, his huge cockhead pushing against my wet hole, “Oh please fuck me with that big black cock!”

Without warning, he pushed into me, deeper than any man had been before and I cried out, the sound more animal that human. Then he was fucking me like a man possessed, his big balls slapping my arse as he pumped into me like a drill, my large tits bouncing about between our bodies. I lost track of myself then, caught up in the sensation of moment but suddenly he was withdrawing and flipping me over to kneel on all fours.

I gasped as I felt his weight atop my back, then I groaned aloud as he pushed into me again, the length and girth of his cock filling me in ways I could not describe. With a lusty chuckle, he reached around, cupping my large hanging breasts in his big hands, catching my nipples between thick fingers, as Dale slid on his back beneath me, his hard cock pointing at my face. Without pause, I lowered my mouth over it, sliding my lips up and down as behind me Carl began to fuck me with long deep strokes, making me grunt and moan, my vision spinning.

“Oh yeah” Dale muttered beneath me, groaning as my lips slid up and down his thick shaft, “Suck my cock!”
Behind me, Carl gave a laugh, “Yeah you love cock don’t you!” I moaned around Dales cock, unable to speak and Carl squeezed my nipples between his fingers, “Fucking tell me bitch”

Lifting my head, I sobbed with pleasure, “Oh God yes, I love cocks…I fucking love big cocks”

Without warning, Dale came hard, his hot spunk spurting into my face and I gagged as a big load entered my mouth and throat. Then Carl was dragging out of me, spinning me to sit on the edge of the bed as he wanked himself, “I’m gonna cum!”
“Come on me!” I told him, my voice thick with lust.
“You want this load you little bitch?”
“Oh fuck yeah” I purred, “Oh yeah”
“Where? On those big tits?”
“No” I shook my head, “I want it in my mouth!”
I groaned as Dale moved behind me, reaching around to maul my tits and nipped as Carl nodded at that reply, “You are a slut…open that hot little mouth….show me that tongue!” Moaning, I did as instructed, poking my tongue out as he groaned, “Oh yeah…I’m gonna spunk on that tongue with my big cock…you like big cock?”
“Oh fuck me yeah…especially big black cocks!”
With a roar he came, his spunk splashing me like a shower as he grasped my hair and doused me with his hot, sticky semen. Gasping, I collapsed to the side, barely aware of what was going on as Dale, already hard again, pushed into me from behind, reaching around to cup my large breasts as he fucked me while Carl offered me his slowly deflating cock to clean.

The rest of the afternoon was spent the same, each man fucking me two more times each, the amount of times I sucked them a mystery until finally, they had dressed and stood in the doorway, grins on their faces as Dale spoke, “We best be off for the day now…but we will see you tomorrow…this job might take longer than we thought”

With that they were gone, leaving me naked and caked in cum, my thoughts on what the next day would bring…

The Magical Webcam show By Mary H

Samantha Brown – the bane of my life.

Even back when we were just ten years old she was horrible to me at school, ridiculing and humiliating me in front everyone else just because she was the popular girl and I was the weird one, the one that was obsessed with witches, fairies and magic.

As I had grown up, I had always hoped that I would be shot of the annoying girl one day, praying that once we were done with school I would never have to see her pretty features again.

Life however had not been so kind.
Somehow, we had grown closer as we had grown older although if there was ever any friendship between us it had been one-sided and all the effort had been from me, while Samantha had simply used my good nature to get her homework done.

Even once we had finally let school, I was not free of the young woman that had made my life a misery but to whom I could not say no. At twenty-one she had been thrown out by her strict republican parents after being caught smoking pot and had turned up at my apartment, rented with money I had worked hard for, pleading and sobbing for me to help her.
I had known then that I should have turned her away but it was not in my nature to be so cold, even to one such as Samantha.
So had begun the worst year of my life as she took over my home, spent my wages, ate my food and ran up huge debts!

Finally, Samantha had fallen on her feet again and wound up dating and then marrying a wealthy young man who had moved to our town, the ungrateful bitch not even inviting me to her wedding not paying off any of the bills that she had run up in my home.

For several months I struggled by, hoping against hope that I would be able to find a way to pay off the debts and the late charges that each failed payment incurred but unfortunately my luck was nowhere near as good as that of Samantha Brown.

Finally, with all logical solutions exhausted, I turned to my secret passion for magic and charms, scouring book after book in the hope of finding some way that I could get out of the situation that Samantha had placed me in, praying for a real spell to aid me.

Finally, I stumbled across just such a thing, an old incantation in a grimoire that I had picked up from an old thrift store, a spell that was supposed to take a person’s greatest weakness and turn it into their greatest strength; so an idiot would become a genius and the weak would become physically strong and powerful.

Feeling dumb, I had lit the candles and begun the chant, going through the spell word for word, not really expecting anything to happen but using it as a kind of personal therapy.

You can imagine my horror and surprise when the female Djinn that the spell controlled arrived and cast the charm upon me.

Dumbstruck, I had stood there shaking with shock as the ethereal beauty, her voluptuous figure the colour of the sky on a summers day, her long raven black hair hanging about her naked form, had told me that she had now turned my weakness into my strength. Yet it had not been as I had expected.
You see while I hadn’t for one minute, believed the incantation would work, I had assumed that if it had then the spell would turn me from a coward into a person of unwavering courage.

Yet as the Djinn stood before me, she had told me that I had never been a coward, if anything I was courageous for standing up to my bullies and living my life regardless of their abuse. Instead it seemed that my weakness was my willingness to do what others told me…to that end the Djinn had given me the power to take control of a person’s mind and make them act out my will, all the while thinking that it was their own actions.

With a flash of black light and a churn of smoke, the Djinn had vanished leaving me alone, swearing that I would never use the dread power that she had given me, believing it was not right to take control of someone and use them against their will.

Disheartened by what I saw as the failure of the spell and angry at the bills that littered every table surface of my home, I had left my home, making my way to the club that I knew Samantha always frequented on a Friday evening. The last thing that I wanted to do was row with her but I needed to try one more time to get her to pay for the debts that she had run up in my home.

The attractive features of my former house-guest had dropped as she had seen me, her former frumpy friend, approaching across the dance floor of the trendy club and to my shock she had tried to avoid me until I had cornered her near the toilets.

“Listen freak” she had snapped, her voice louder than it needed to be as if she were drawing power from onlookers like she had always done as a child, “I haven’t got time to slum it with you!”

Sighing sadly, I had shaken my head, “Samantha please, I need to talk with you about the debts you have left me with!”
“Not now” she had shaken her head, glaring at me, “I am waiting for my friends to arrive…real friends with class!”

Feeling sick at the implication of her words, I had shaken my head, “I don’t want trouble…let me talk till they get here…!”
“Too late weirdo!” Samantha had chuckled triumphantly and turning my head, I had seen the familiar faces of her rich gossip-girl friends approaching across the club. With another laugh, Samantha had pushed past me, “Now move, I need the bathroom!”

I honestly do not know what came over me then but as the smirking Samantha Brown pushed past me, one hand reaching out to push open the bathroom door, I had seized her mind with my own, giving in to the temptation of the power that the Djinn had given me as I made Samantha urinate in her knickers.

She gasped, her eyes growing wide as the hot liquid splattered down about her feet and with a look of horror our eyes met.

Then she was gone, rushing from the club without another word while her gossipy friends pointed and laughed in amusement.

I cannot put into words the sense of power that coursed through me as I considered all the abuse that she had subjected me to while we had been growing up suffice to say it felt great. Like an addict, seeking to take another hit of an intoxicating drug, I knew that I needed to see the pain and humiliation on the face of my former friend, I needed to see her shame.

Rushing from the club, I hailed a taxi with my last bit of money, ordering the driver to take me to the apartment where Samantha and her new husband lived. Creeping up to their home, I knocked softly upon the front door, beginning to second-guess my coming there until suddenly it swung open to reveal Samantha standing there wearing nothing but a wet towel about her body.

As soon as she saw me, she tried to shut the door but I was too quick, darting inside and leaning against the wall as I held her gaze, “Why did you run out? Have an accident did you?”

“Don’t” it was more of a sob than a command, “Please”
I couldn’t help but grin, “Embarrassed?”
She nodded, cringing as she spoke, “I have taken three showers but I still feel dirty…I still feel unclean!”

“Good” I grinned, surprising myself as I spoke, “I’m glad!”
“What?” she was aghast, “How dare you…that’s horrid!”

Incredulous, I shook my head, “Are you mad…after the torment you put me through at school…you made my life a misery!”
Before me, Samantha shook her head, “No…it wasn’t like that!”

Fed up with her lies, I took control of her once more, making her drop to her knees and beg for my forgiveness, pleading to be forgiven for every sin that she and her friends had committed against me over the years.

With a chuckle, I had turned my head towards where her laptop sat upon the table and I made her to it and switch it on, mind controlling her to switch on her webcam and connect it to the webcams of every one of her friends and family.
Dazed, not sure why she was doing what she was doing, Samantha turned to me, “Why is my webcam on?”
“Because you want to make a webcam live sex show for everyone” I stated, feeling the power in me once again.
“A webcam live sex show?” she frowned, “Do I?”
I nodded, gesturing to the ground before me, “Lick my toes”

Bending lower, she began to lick my feet, the towel falling from her body to reveal the voluptuous figure that all the boys had lusted after at school. Chuckling, enjoying my power, I released my control on her mind, shuddering with excitement as I saw the confusion on her face, “What…what am I doing?”
“Licking my feet like the shameful slut you are!” I had told her, shocking myself with my coarseness, “Now get on with it! You have people watching your live amateur web cam…don’t disappoint them!”
Much to my surprise, Samantha hesitated for but a second before dipping her head once more as she licked and sucked at my toes and feet, moaning softly as she assumed her submissive role.
Caught up in the heady rush of power, my mind reeling with the sensation of her hot tongue on my feet, I raised my skirt and began to touch myself through my now wet knickers, sliding  finger between my puffy lips as I watched my new little bitch.

“What the fuck…!”
I turned my head at the sound of the deep voice, my breath leaving me as I saw the handsome man that stood there, his deep blue eyes wide as he addressed me, “Who are you? What are you doing with my wife?”
Overcome with lust as I continued to finger myself, I studied the powerful form of the man that my former friend had married, jealousy touching me as I realised I could never have a man that looked so damn hot. Or could I?”
Reaching out with my mind, I took control of him and in an instant, I had him stripping off his clothes to reveal his hard, muscular body beneath. Trembling, moaning slightly, I made him approach me, his body less than a foot from mine as he took his large fat cock in his hand and began to wank it slowly, pre-cum seeping from the eye at the centre. For nearly a minute, I let him stroke himself, sometimes making him rub the molten hot shaft of his cock against my bare thighs and then I released his mind, wondering how he would react. Like Samantha had, he paused for a second, but then believing that all he had done had been by his own choice, he continued to stroke his cock, reaching out with an arm to drag me too his hard body.

Squealing, enjoying the muscles against which I had been dragged, I sank to my knees and took him in my mouth, moaning as I inhaled his manly aroma, my hands cupping his balls, vaguely aware of Samantha watching on in shock and awe.

The rest of the night passed by in a blur as he fucked me in every imaginable position and orifice, a jealous Samantha watching as we worked away at each other, before ending the evening covered in each other’s sweat and secretions, the entire show filmed on her laptop and beamed around to all of her friends.

The very next morning, he threw Samantha out of his home and his life and declared his undying and limitless love and lust for me, welcoming me into his heart as his new lover.
Did I use my new powers to make this happen and ruin the life of the woman that had ruined mine for so long?
Surely not, that would be so very wrong…wouldn’t it?